Many people take too much time in picking the right thing to wear, the perfect sunglasses, the coolest scarf, and nicest shoe in their closet. Fashion has been part of human lives for several decades. From vintage dresses, with beautiful and colorful caps, vibrant and flowery tops, smooth and flowing bottoms, to simple polos, watches, slacks, and jeans, fashion always exist. However, there are certain fashion trends for every phase for countries with multiple seasons. Spring, summer, winter, or fall, each has adifferent type of fashion wear that remained trendy until the present day. However, summer, fall, and spring may have the same trend, since in these seasons; the sun is up above with its scorching heat.

For the season of spring, summer and fall, the commonly worn tops are sleeveless shirts. Both men and women can wear sleeveless shirts without any complications. These shirts may come in with different designs that may suit the preferences of the users and owners of it. The colors of these sleeveless shirts also matter significantly. Most of the picked colors are light ones like white, blue, green, pink, and much more. Picking a darker color will look unrefreshing since darker colors tend to absorb heat from the sun. These sleeveless shirts may come with round neck or V-neck. These are properly matched with short shorts for both men and women. Most of the shorts are in cotton or leather since it allows air to pass through it, giving the users a cooler and refreshing experience. The sleeveless shirt and the shorts are matched up with a sandal or a rubber slipper along with sunglasses and a cap. This fashion trend remained trendy until today that even the past generations are embracing its cool fashion.  However, the sleeveless shirts are sometimes replaced with a long sleeve shirt or a polo shirt, to walk with class.

The winter season is sure a cold one and the trending fashion is a scarf, a jacket (leather or denim), jeans, socks, sneakers or any shoe, and gloves. These things are the most common things to wear in the winter. However, many people let away with jeans and instead replace it with jogger pants to make it more appealing even under a cold temperature. The jacket may be a hoody, a plain jacket, or just a simple sweater. The most fashionable look for winter is the combination of jeans, long-sleeve shirt, necktie, a sweater, and a vintage shoe or sneakers. With this, you can now look like a wizard from Hogwarts.